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Kids can build cool characters with Superstructs' new line of Arc-A-Teks. Credit:

Is there a budding engineer or architect in your house? You know, the kid who always asks how buildings are made or how bridges are built?

Feed their curiosity with WABA Fun's Arc-A-Teks toy line for kids ages 3 and older.

The brand's award-winning line of Superstructs building toys now comes in three new styles, Earth, Sky and Sea, each of which includes 40 to 42 connector pieces.

Kids can create two characters from each set simultaneously (Googie, an Earth character, loves skyscrapers; Moonsail, a Sea character, lives on the beach; Jeter, a Sky character, can be found at Cape Canaveral).

Best of all? They're just $9.99 at


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