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HOTmilk model picture

Enter the HOTmilk model search contest and win a photo shoot for February 2011. Credit: HOTmilk

HOTmilk, the company that sells fabulous lingerie for pregnant and nursing moms, has announced its "Real Woman Model Search," in a quest to discover the next HOTmilk model.

To qualify, you need to be pregnant or nursing and had to have made a purchase from HOTmilk during December 2010 or January 2011.

Unlike other model search contests, this one does not require photos to be submitted. Instead, there are three competition questions to answer:

  • How did you cope emotionally and physically during your pregnancy?
  • How have you overcome challenges with body confidence?
  • How has wearing HOTmilk lingerie helped you feel sexy during pregnancy?
Six finalists will be selected by celebrity judges, and the winner will be chosen by the public. The winner will get a photo shoot, and will then be the face of HOTmilk for February 2011.

For more info, visit the HOTmilk website.


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