Elmo Orders Taco Bell, Gets a Sundance Spotlight

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Elmo is busy. After teaching our kids their ABCs and 123s, he probably likes to kick back and share some cookies with Cookie Monster on his days off. Or maybe he prefers chalupas.

Check out this video of a guy order food at a Taco Bell drive-thru in a perfect Elmo voice while his buddies try not to crack up. Today's word of the day? Burritos!

And, if you're as big an Elmo fan as we are here at ParentDish, be sure to check out the new documentary "Being Elmo" premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this month.

The new documentary by James Miller and Constance Marks follows Kevin Clash, the famous little red monster's puppeteer, the New York Post reports.

"Everyone sees the puppets, but no one really thinks who does this, and what makes on more popular than another," Miller tells the Post about the documentary.

The film chronicles the puppeteer from his youth in Baltimore to his ever-growing fame as our favorite character on Sesame Street.


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