Should College Athletes Spend More Time in Class?

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Student athletes might not be hitting the books as hard as they're hitting the field. Credit: Beau Lark, Corbis

The BCS National Championship Game is tonight -- Auburn vs. Oregon. That's college football, in case you didn't know. (Or care.) Whenever the hype machine ramps up for any NCAA event, we often wonder how college athletes could possibly be getting a good education if they are on a high-profile team.

Schools are frequently found to be violating various NCAA rules. For example, the University of Connecticut was accused of eight violations in May 2010, according to USA Today. And Auburn quarterback Cam Newton's father was accused of accepting money to convince his son to attend a particular school.

There are a lot of professional-level shenanigans going on in what are supposedly non-professional sports. It's important to remember that these are college kids, many of whom will not get that big a contract. Newton is clearly a superior talent who will probably go very high in the NFL draft. But what about his teammates? Not everyone will be able to make a living as an athlete. Which means that they should take advantage of the educational part of their scholarship.

So what do you think? Should college athletes spend a little more time in class and a little less time on the field?

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