Rocawear Peanuts T-Shirts

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Charlie Brown never looked cooler than on these Rocawear T-shirts. Credit: Rocawear

In what sounds like a pretty unlikely pairing, Rocawear has come out with a line of men's T-shirts that pair pop icon Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang with clever references to songs by well-known hip-hop artist (and Rocawear founder) Jay-Z.

Our favorites are "Venus vs. Mars" featuring Lucy and Schroeder, "Forever Young" with Snoopy and Woodstock wrapped in a blanket and "Roc Representas" featuring the entire Peanuts gang.

Pick one up soon before they're all sold out -- Jay-Z is hotter now than ever since his new book, "Decoded," made Oprah's "Ultimate Favorite Things" list for 2010.

Available at Rocawear for $28.


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