IdeaPaint HOME Dry-Erase Paint

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Your child's imagination will soar with a wall that acts as a blank canvas for all their creative thoughts. Credit: IdeaPaint

If you're looking for a great way to transform a kids' room or playroom into a mecca of creative exploration, pick up an IdeaPaint HOME kit and create an instant dry-erase surface for them to express their artistic inclinations, or even sketch out their next big invention.

IdeaPaint HOME is a white water-borne paint that's ideal for small and medium-sized areas and is sold in kits that cover 6 square feet and 20 square feet. Use it on entire walls or smaller wall areas, the top of a desk or inside a playhouse. Also works great for home offices or for putting up schedules or notes in the kitchen, on the fridge or wherever your family command center is located.

Paint goes on in one coat, but make sure you're painting on a smooth surface to guarantee the best performance. IdeaPaint HOME is also certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, so it's the most environmentally responsible commercial dry erase paint available -- but do be sure to ventilate the room while you're painting according to directions that come with the kit.

Available at IdeaPaint for $29.99-$74.98


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