Parents Worry Where Kids Are Learning About Sex, Study Says

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Do you want Kim Kardashian teaching your kids about sex? Credit: Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic

The doorbell rings. It's Kim Kardashian.

And she's packed into a largely hypothetical outfit from Frederick's of OMG! "Well, heeellooo," she purrs Kardashishly.

OK, cowboy, you know where this is leading.

And, sure enough, "Is your 12-year-old son home?" she asks. "I want to teach him about sex."


You wake up screaming. But don't worry. So do a lot of parents.

Researchers collected some numbers and found 98 percent of parents want to teach their children about sex, but the majority worry kids are learning about the birds and the bees elsewhere.

The Center for Advancing Health reports most parents believe their kids get the bulk of their information about sex from the media and popular culture (60 percent) or from friends (78 percent).

Kids, however, insist they turn more to their parents than the Kardashians.

"Youth indicate that parents are a primary source of sex information for them and that parents most influence their decisions about sex," study co-author Debra Bernat of Florida State University says in a news release.

Researchers interviewed 1,605 parents of school-aged children in Minnesota. The data raises the question "of why youth cannot get the information that they seek -- and prefer -- from their own parents," Nancy Irwin, a Los Angeles clinical psychologist and cognitive behavioral specialist who focuses on childhood and adolescent sexuality, says in the release.

"This should be a wake-up call to parents. You and your kids want the exact same thing. What's missing are the proper tools," she adds.

So tell that Kardashian woman to put on some clothes and get a real job. You have to go talk to your kids.

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