Colleges Offering Scholarships for LGBT Students

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Some colleges are offering LGBT students scholarships. Credit: Getty

Looking for a college experience that will embrace your lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender child? Some schools are making it known that they accept diversity -- and they've got money to offer your student to prove it.

At a time when finding financial help to pay for college tuition is becoming more and more challenging -- the recession has scholarship providers cutting back -- colleges and junior colleges are stepping up to plate with scholarships available specifically for LGBT students.

Lansing Community College says it will be the first known two-year institution to offer a scholarship to LGBT students, The Michigan Messenger reports.

The community college joins a growing number of four-year universities that are targeting scholarships exclusively to students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, according to

"These populations have become much more visible within higher education, but still face formidable social challenges," the College Scholarship website states. "Scholarships reflect the trend in diversity: Encourage students of all backgrounds to participate to their highest potential."

The Lansing scholarship is open to any member of the LGBT community who has a 2.2 or higher grade point average, is younger than 25 and resides in the district, the Messenger says.

The scholarship was named for Betsy Lou Robson, a member of the Lansing, Mich., community, whose family is funding it, the newspaper reports.

"It's a wonderful thing to see young, out and proud members of the LGBT communities being recognized and helped in their educational goals," Denise Brogan-Kator, interim executive director of Equality Michigan, tells the Messenger. "We are particularly pleased to see this start to happen on the community college level, where so many people turn for vocational education or for a more inexpensive way to begin their college careers."

The Point Foundation is another organization that has awarded $3 million in scholarships to LGBT students.

"The Point Foundation works to equalize the playing field for those who are disadvantaged simply due to their sexual orientation or gender identity," the organization's website states.

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