Farmer Steve's Organic Microwave Popcorn

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Once you pop organic, you'll never want anything else. Credit: Amwell Valley Organic Grains

In 2007, there was a big push for microwave popcorn manufacturers to stop using diacetyl, an ingredient in artificial butter flavoring, after the chemical was blamed for sickening hundreds of workers in popcorn plants and destroying the lungs of at least three heavy microwave popcorn eaters.

Manufacturers did vow to give up the toxic chemical in favor of other butter substitutes shortly thereafter, but, in the meantime, we lost our taste for microwave popcorn.

But a friend recently turned us on to Farmer Steve's Popcorn, and our microwave has been popping with excitement ever since.

Grown on a small family farm in Hunterdon County, N.J., Farmer Steve's Popcorn is certified organic by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, which means it's grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or additives.

Each bag makes about 10 cups of delicious popcorn, which is lightly salted with a natural mineral salt. It also has no oil added, so when you polish off the entire bag, your fingers won't be greasy or unnaturally yellow. Comes in various sizes from six to 51 microwave-ready packs.

Available at Amwell Valley Organic Grains from $8.99 to $49.98.

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