The Drevitches, Week 15: How Mom Sees It

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Meet our guest correspondents. Credit: Natalie Drevitch

But enough about me.

This week, I turn the keyboard over to my wife, Lynn, who you may recall from earlier columns, is our family's healthiest eater -- and, therefore, also our most frustrated chef -- along with our best biker, skier, swimmer and jogger. She is, in addition, our family's biggest cheerleader (although she hopes that none of our children ever pursues that as a career). Along with encouraging the rest of us to take part, and to do our part, in the Healthy Families Challenge, she's been putting in sweat equity herself to get in (even better) shape. I asked her to weigh in on her progress three months in.

Here's what she had to say:

I'm delighted! I have not lost nearly as much weight as my dear husband. [GARY: If I may interrupt, 31 pounds as of this week!] But the three pounds I've lost since September have put me at my skinniest in more than a decade -- a decade ago being when we had our first child, Benjamin. And I've dropped a size, so I've bought a bunch of new clothes! (Although I still have to iron them and purchase new matching shirts, accessories, etc.) But really, it all just brings me back to my old regular, not-so-skinny weight, so I'm hoping I can keep it off and lose a few more pounds.

My major difficulty continues to be ... regular life. I have no problem eating light most of the time, but whenever I go out to lunch or dinner (or go to someone's home, or host a dinner party), I eat too much, or at least too much to lose any weight.

I get to the gym regularly. I've been going at least twice a week this winter -- sometimes three times. But now that my set of personal-training sessions with
Jamar Grimball at the Jewish Community Center here in Manhattan have ended, I've fallen back into my old workout habit: just running on the treadmill and doing a few push-ups. Abs? I can't bring myself to work on them voluntarily.

I feel like I've fallen into a bit of a cooking rut with the kids. I need to re-energize, and not become too disappointed (or angry) when they refuse to even taste the delicious soup or ratatouille I've made, or try the persimmons or mangoes, pears or grapes, clementines or grapefruit I've bought.

Since we're opening the column to special guests this week, I also asked Adam, our 4-year-old, to weigh in on what he's learning about living healthier. I caught up with him after a tough session on the Wii Fit Plus and its Balance Board. The game had just told him that his Wii Fit Age was 23, not 4, as he'd hoped, and he said:

"I went to 23 because I didn't eat so much healthy stuff."

We've all felt the same way at some point, little guy.

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