Should Autistic Children Go to Separate Schools?

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Does an autism diagnosis warrant a different school? Credit: Getty Images

Should children with autism have schools of their own? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie thinks so. But not everyone agrees.

The New York Times reports that Christie believes that not only will the specialized schools provide a better learning environment for autistic children, they will also save money. New Jersey is one of many states with severe budget woes.

Of course, as with all things autism, not everyone agrees. Diana Autin of the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network calls the proposed schools "another segregated setting for children with autism," adding that the plan would "send a message to parents that children with autism can't be included," according to The Times. Linda Meyer of Autism New Jersey counters that a separate school would be able to provide better services to children in need.

Some New Jersey counties already have specialized schools for autistic children. ABC News recently ran a story showcasing the Somerset Hills Learning Institute, highlighting the success many students have achieved in an environment tailored for their specific needs.

What do you think? Should autistic children go to separate schools? Or is that just a way for society to further marginalize children with autism?

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