Boy, 3, Saves Family From Fire

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We teach our kids from a very young age what to do in case of a fire, and we pray that they will never have to put that knowledge into practice.

Three-year-old Christopher Cooke from Staten Island, N.Y., did have to use his fire safety skills, though, and now he's being hailed a "little hero" for notifying his family about a fire in the basement of their home, NBC News reports.

Christopher, who learned about fire safety in school, awoke his sleeping father after seeing smoke coming from behind a clothes dryer on December 30.

After screaming "alarm, alarm, alarm," Christopher's father, Steven, woke up and extinguished the flames, which, after reigniting, had to be put out by the FDNY.

At a ceremony on Tuesday, Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano says its amazing that Christopher was able to do what he did at such a young age.

Christopher earned the title of junior firefighter at Tuesday's ceremony.

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