How to Play: King Bobo's Ring

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It's King Bobo! Credit: Corbis

What you need: You need Vaseline, a chair, a stool and blindfolds. You also need an adult male to be King Bobo.

How to play: All the players will go out of the room while you prepare King Bobo. Have the adult male who is playing King Bobo remove his shoes, sit in the chair, and prop his foot on the stool. Put some Vaseline on his thumb as well as on his big toe on the foot on the stool.

The rules: You will invite players one by one to come into the room blindfolded with their hands behind their backs. When the first player comes in, you will escort her over to King Bobo. Ask her to bow in respect to the king and kiss his ring. Take her very close to the king where they can actually kneel right in front of the toe that has the Vaseline on it. She will bow as to kiss the king's ring, and the king puts his finger out so that the person kisses the finger instead of the toe. The king then puts his hand behind him leaving the toe as the visible object that has been kissed. Remove her blindfold and she will think that she has kissed the toe. Make sure that you keep adding more Vaseline to the finger as it will be kissed off, also make sure that enough is on the toe. Continue with the next person until all have come in. Do not tell the person what has happened but encourage the person to watch and see what has happened. She will laugh at herself.

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