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These sweet plush chocolates will definitely last longer and do less damage to your waistline than the consumable kind. Credit: My Paper Crane

Sure, teddy bears are cute, but we can't think of anything more adorable than seeing our little ones tote around a plush croissant, mushroom, tomato or donut.

In 2001, artist Heidi Kenney started her blog, My Paper Crane, to showcase the adorable plush toys she was making. Since then, she has gone on to create keychains, pillows and clothing based on her food designs for exclusive art toy company Kidrobot, and recently published her first how-to book, "Every Day's a Holiday: Year-Round Crafting with Kids."

Kenney's creations have been shown in exhibitions around the country and she also holds crafting workshops for kids (and adults).

Kenney sells her plush creations on her Etsy site, which is currently featuring an adorable heart-shaped box of plush chocolates for Valentine's Day, as well as strawberries, ice cream cones and even burnt toast plushies.

Available at My Paper Crane for $6 and up.

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