JGoods Sneaker Customization Kit

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Why pay big bucks for designer sneakers when your kid can design a pair of his own? Credit: JGoods

If you're looking for a cool project to do with your tweens, check out the JGoods Sneaker Customization Kit, which makes it easy for anyone to prep and paint their leather or canvas kicks.

This easy-to-use kit will help you create a custom design that goes way beyond simply choosing color combinations and slapping on a monogram with those make-it-yourself sneakers you can order online.

The kit includes sneaker preparation wipes, a paint brush, five colors of weatherproof leather sneaker paint, an empty mixing jar and a JGoods primer on sneaker customization.

Aside from their DIY customization kit and sneaker restoration kit, JGoods also collaborates on limited edition sneakers and customizes shoes for celebs like Jay-Z and baseball player LaTroy Hawkins.

Available at JGoods for $42.

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