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Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher star in "No Strings Attached." Credit: Dale Robinette, AP Photo/Paramount

Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full.

In Theaters: "No Strings Attached"
Starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, "No Strings Attached" is a romantic comedy about a couple who embark on a friendship based on casual sex. Obviously, the subject matter makes this film inappropriate for kids, as does the strong language and scenes of drug and alcohol use. Rated R, iffy for kids 16-18

DVD: "Buried"
A man wakes to find himself sealed in a coffin in "Buried," a psychological thriller starring Ryan Reynolds. Although the entire film takes place within the coffin, it is intensely scary and the strong language and scenes of violence (via grainy cell phone images) make it inappropriate for kids. Rated R, iffy for kids 16-18

TV: "Bubble Guppies"
Colorful and cute, the "Bubble Guppies" live together in an underwater world full of adventure and learning. Created by the team responsible for "The Backyardigans," the show features fun music, endearing characters and kid-friendly humor. Rated TV-Y, OK for kids 3+

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Books: "Turtle in Paradise"
A Newbery Honor book, Jennifer Holm's "Turtle in Paradise" tells the story of an 11-year-old girl sent to live with relatives in Key West during the Depression. Eccentric characters and historically accurate events are woven together to create an educational and entertaining adventure. OK for kids 10+

Music: "Michael" by Michael Jackson
The first posthumously-released album since Jackson's death, "Michael" features 10 news songs from the King of Pop. A single reference to drinking and another to "hot tricks" are the only questionable lyrics in this otherwise kid-friendly collection of pop songs. OK for kids 10+

Games: "Little Big Planet 2"
For PlayStation 3, "Little Big Planet 2" is an action adventure game in which players do battle with a destructive force determined to suck the color, fun and life out of Craftworld. What sets this one apart is the ability for players to create their own levels and share them with others online. Rated E, OK for kids 8+

Web: Girls Inc. Online
A supportive environment in which girls are encouraged to set and achieve goals, "Girls Inc. Online" aims to empower young women to "envision their futures without limits." Safe and free, the site lets visitors view inspirational videos interact with like-minded girls. OK for kids 12+

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