Would You Want the 10 Commandments Displayed at Your Child's School?

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10 Commandments

Thou shalt not display at school? Credit: Rob Sheridan, Flickr

The Giles County School Board in Virginia recently voted to display the 10 Commandments at area schools. Many parents complained, and the displays were removed. Then some schools put them back.

This has the potential to become a battle of biblical proportions. Over at local news website Roanoke.com, one commenter writes: "Freedom of religion means freedom from religion. If those parents, students and residents need to be reminded of what the ten commandments are, they ought to carry a wallet card." And from the opposite side of the church aisle: "I am totally behind the school board in placing these 'commandments' back where my son can be reminded daily of the true values that are so important in these times that we live in now. If people don't want to see them, don't read them!!!"

What do you think? Is it wrong to display the 10 Commandments, a religious document, at a public school? Or is this much ado about nothing?

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