How to Play: Hidden Surprise

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Keep unwrapping! Credit: Carlos Davila, Getty Images

What you need: You need an empty pill bottle, duct tape, newspaper, money, a shoe box, and dice.

How to play: Take an empty pill bottle and put an amount of money in it. The amount of money depends on how much money you want to give the winner. Wrap up the pill bottle with layers of newspaper and duct tape. Have all the players stand in a circle, and place the wrapped up pill bottle in the middle of the circle. Take the dice and place them in a shoe box.

The rules: Players take turns rolling the dice in the shoe box. If a player rolls a double, she will go inside the circle and start trying to unwrap the pill bottle. Players will continue to roll the dice until another player rolls a double. That player will take over and keep trying to unwrap the pill bottle. Play continues until someone unwraps the pill bottle.

How to win: The player who unwraps the pill bottle is the winner.

What else you need to know: You can also fill the pill bottle with candy if you'd rather not give out money as a prize.

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