How Involved Are You In Your Child's School?

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Parental involvement at school these days has gone way beyond the PTA. At Central Falls High School in Rhode Island, one mom, Maria Cristina Betancur, is at the school entrance every day greeting students when they arrive. "We need to make them feel welcome here, and make them proud of their school," she tells The Providence Journal.

The article says that Betancur "is one of a growing number of parents who spend time at the school every day." When I first read that sentence I was a little surprised, but when I thought about it for moment, I realized that it matched my children's school experiences so far. While I am not at school every day to say hello to the kids, I am certainly more involved than I ever thought I would be. And many of my fellow parents are at school quite a bit more than I am. Their activity goes beyond bake sales and includes classroom visits to help harried teachers, and much more.

So how about you? How involved are you in your child's school? Is increased parental involvement at school a growing trend?

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