Peace. Love. Swap.

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Swap shopping for, well, swapping with the help of peace. love. swap. Credit:

When the economy is slumping, why not try to swap, rather than shop?

Because, really, why shell out for brand new books, maternity clothes, toys, kiddie shoes or baby swings when, for $5 measly bucks, you can simply take what you need? The only catch is that you bring it back to another swap when you're done.

That's the idea behind peace. love. swap. The organization produces large-scale kid's clothing and gear swaps, and offers moms nationwide the tools to start their own swaps. Simply go to to find an event near you. Pay a $5 fee, and take whatever stuff you like -- high chairs, movies, strollers, you name it.

Leftover items are donated to charity. Oh, and, it's totally green to recycle and redonate, too.

Swap 'til you drop at peace. love. swap.

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