Looxcie Wearable Camcorder

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Look, ma! No hands! The Looxcie video camera fits over your ear, leaving you hands-free. Credit: Looxcie

You might be banished to the Isle of Bad Parents if you dare to attend your kids' soccer game/dance recital/gymnastics meet/school play without a video camera strapped to your hand.

Unfortunately, recording your kid's brilliant performance means you end up watching it through a viewfinder. But now that we've tried the Looxcie, we'll no longer be missing out on seeing our kids in action. You wear the small, lightweight camcorder as an ear piece, so it records whatever it is you happen to be looking at.

Looxcie works with your smartphone and has Bluetooth technology, so you can instantly see, edit and share your taped moments through your phone. And a cool, easy-to-use feature lets you pull out a 30-second video clip that can instantly be sent to family and friends via Facebook, YouTube or e-mail.

No need for Mom and Dad to fight over who's on video duty. Just don't be surprised if your videos start going viral.

Looxcie is $199 at Amazon and neimanmarcus.com.


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