How to Play: What's in Your Bag?

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What you need: You will need felt to make 2 ½-inch bags, a needle and thread, a white permanent marker, paper and pencil. You will also need items to fill the bags (examples given below).

How to play: Examples of items to fill bags include a penny, a screw, a birthday candle, an ink pen cap, a rubber band, a crayon, a tea bag, a safety pin, a button, a bottle cap, a paper clip, a Lifesaver, a tooth pick, an AA battery, a marble, a key, a nail, and a die. Using the felt and the needle and thread, make a small bag for each item you have collected. Put each item in its own bag and number each bag with the white permanent marker. Make a list of items with their corresponding numbers. Be sure you have enough bags so that every player will have one.

The rules: Give each player a bag with an item inside as well as paper and a pencil. Have players go around feeling each other's bag, trying to guess what's in it and listing their guesses on paper. Once everyone has listed guesses for every bag, players will reveal what is in their bags.

How to win: The player who guessed the most correct items is the winner.

What else you need to know: If you cannot sew and therefore cannot make the bags, use glue instead of a needle and thread to make the bags.

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