Crazy Things Parents Text Makes Us LOL

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Crazy things parents text

Watch what you write -- it could end up on Crazy Things Parents Text. Credit: Getty Images

Move over Sh*t My Dad Says. Time to make room for Crazy Things Parents Text.

Crazy Things Parents Text (CTPT) could be described as the offspring of Justin Halpern's Twitter Feed turned CBS sitcom and Texts From Last Night. CTPT is wacky stuff parents send via text message, and they get their content via user submissions, according to a press release.

Crazy Things Parents Text provides lots of LOL for your reading pleasure. Here are some of our personal faves (grammatical and spelling errors left intact, of course).

Sometimes You Have To Remind Them Who's In Charge

Dad: Whose that guy on your facebook page?
Me: Stop stalking me before I delete you!
Dad: Oh Yeah well ... if you delete me I cutting your cellphone off. Ha

Ouch, Dad

Dad: Wow, you actually got the second date? You are kind of the one date wonder.

Mom Speaks Truth Via Flatulence Metaphor

Mom: You know, gossip is just like a fart. Once it's out you never know where it will spread, or who it will hit.

"For Dummies" Books Too Tough For Dad

Dad: I think my phone isn't texting
Me: yes it is
Dad: How do you know for sure?

There's a LOT more. For quick chuckles, click Randomize, or Best of CTPT.

Find something you like? Let us know in the comments.

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