Who Decides a Child's Religion in a Divorce?

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After you and your spouse split, who gets to make the religious decisions? Credit: Getty Images

The Chicago Sun-Times has a story that proves the old adage about truth being stranger than fiction. Here's the basics: exotic dancer marries the manager of the club where she performs. They change careers, have a kid, then get divorced. Each gets remarried to someone else. The mom becomes a "devout Hasidic Jew," according to the story. Now they're in court fighting over their child's religious upbringing.

Clearly this is a question with no clear answer. Still, I think it's an interesting one. Who gets to decide what religion a child will follow after a divorce, especially when one parent converts to a new religion that is more inflexible than others? This particular couple had so much trouble figuring it out they ended up in court. What would you do?

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