App Review: 'De Blob Revolution HD'

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Rated ON for Ages 8 and Up

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that "De Blob Revolution HD" is a fast-paced maze-solving game that asks kids to think quickly on the go. The storyline is one about a colorful hero character who is racing through the prisons of an evil regime, freeing (and re-colorizing) the citizens of his sad, gray-toned world. On each level, the Blob must speed through a complicated maze, picking up as many of the prisoners as possible, and flee the bad robots at the same time. The real challenge comes in when the Blob leaves a colorful trail behind him as he moves -- and he cannot cross his own path. There is a non-HD version of the game available for iPhone/iPod Touch.

The good stuff

Ease of play: The controls work very smoothly. The challenge level gets increasingly higher as you progress through the game, but it does so at a gradual rate.

Educational value: Kids need to think strategically to solve these mazes. Being able to think ahead and plan your next step is a crucial skill here.

What to watch out for

Violence: Evil robots called INKTs chase the Blob, but he is not hurt if caught.

Sex: Not an issue.

Language: Not an issue.

Consumerism: Not an issue.

Drinking, drugs, & smoking: Not an issue.

This review was written by Christopher Healy

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