How to Play: Moo Game

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What you need: All you need for this game is players.

How to play: Pick three players to stand outside while the rest of the group forms a circle. Tell the group that they are going to pick someone from outside to come in to stand inside the circle. When you count to three, everyone has to "MOO" as loud as they can. Tell them when the third person comes in, fake the "MOO". Everyone should look like they are going to "MOO" but don't.

The rules: Ask the first person to come inside the room and stand inside the circle. This person needs to listen for who "MOOS" the loudest. Whoever he picks will be correct. This person will then join the circle and is told to "MOO" for the second person, but not the third person. The second person will be asked to come inside, and the same thing happens, except this person is not told to not "MOO" for the third person. The third person is asked to enter the room and is told to listen for who "MOOS" the loudest. This time, however, the only person who will "MOO" is the second person who entered the room.

What else you need to know: This game is really funny, but you may have to explain the joke to the third person who entered the room.

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