Music Review: 'Cannibal' by Ke$ha

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Rated IFFY for Ages 15–17

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that "Cannibal" includes a lot of the same themes -- partying, drinking, sex -- found in Ke$ha's first record, "Animal." There's also some profanity (including "s--t"). While it's far from the most risque album out there, it features enough mature content that parents probably won't want to buy it for their younger teens and tweens. The CD's emphasis on alcohol is troubling, though it could lead to a discussion about the consequences of partying.

What to watch out for

Messages: Ke$ha seems so obsessed with partying and getting "faded" (i.e., drunk) that there's room for little else in her musical repertoire.

Role models: Ke$ha's music consistently focuses on irresponsible behavior.

Violence: Not an issue.

Sex: More than a few steamy lyrics, such as: "Your money's not impressing me, it's kinda weak / That you really think you're gonna get my rocks off, get my top and socks off."

Language: Language includes words like "douchebag" and "s--t."

Consumerism: A couple of product references, such as Mercedes.

Drinking, drugs, & smoking: The focus on partying and getting drunk is steady throughout.

What's the Story?

"Cannibal," the second EP from popster Ke$ha, includes eight songs, most of which revolve around drinking, partying, and sex -- a very similar approach to the one she took in her first record, "Animal." Once again, she's produced an album that isn't for tweens or young teens, as it glorifies behavior that can be risky and irresponsible at any age.

Is It Any Good?

While there was something undeniably appealing about the bubbly, danceable pop tunes on Ke$ha's first record, the songs on her second CD lack a lot of luster. The tempo of some songs -- "Blow," for example -- seems to drag compared to earlier infectious beats like "Tik Tok." The overall effect ends up sounding less fun -- and more played out.

Reviewed by Stephanie Bruzzese

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