Should Doctors Be Banned From Asking Parents if They Own Guns?

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One Florida lawmaker says whether or not parents have guns at home is none of their doctor's business. Credit: Getty Images

A Florida politician has introduced a bill that would ban doctors from asking parents if they own guns. ABC News points out that the bill comes from the same state where a 5-year-old brought a "loaded .22-caliber pistol to preschool" and was suspended.

State Rep. Jason Brodeur says that his bill "addresses a violation of privacy rights concerning firearms and seeks to prevent future occurrences of such violations." He adds, "Parents don't know what to believe and don't know why their state wants to know if they lawfully own firearms," and wants to prevent a parent "from being denied treatment for refusing to answer questions about guns in their home." The bill refers to legal firearms.

Denying a child treatment because a parent refuses to say whether or not they have guns in their home is already morally wrong; plus there's that whole Hippocratic Oath thing that doctors have to take. But opponents of the bill say that doctors asking parents about guns "is no different than encouraging parents to use car seats or keep poisons locked up," as Duke University professor Dr. John Moses tells ABC News. "The issue here is not the right of gun ownership, but simply child safety and the prevention of tragic injuries that can be avoided by proper gun storage," he added.

What do you think? Should doctors be allowed to ask parents if they own guns? Or is that an invasion of privacy?

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