What Would You Do if Your Child Was Suspended for Not Being Potty Trained?

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Start working on potty training if you don't want your kid to get suspended. Credit: Getty Images

A recent article in the Washington Post tells the tale of 3-year-old Zoe, who was -- no joke -- suspended from Arlington Public Schools' Montessori preschool for not being potty trained. The article raises a number of issues, but I thought the main one was this -- what would you do if your child was suspended for not being potty trained?

According to the Post, the school told Zoe's mom that her daughter would not be allowed back for a full month, and that she had better be able to pee someplace other than her pants when she returned. I'm going to quote this next line verbatim because I can't write it any better than this: "After frantic calls, the parents found a spot for Zoe in a program that works with children who are being potty-trained." Let me remind you that we are talking about a 3-year-old. According to the Post, Zoe has not had any "accidents" since she started at the new school. The implication here is that in a less-pressured environment, "accidents" are less likely to happen.

For me, though, I just can't get past the notion of a child being suspended for not being potty-trained at age 3. Does that sound right to you? If this happened to your son or daughter, how would you handle it?

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