Kurt Warner on His Super Bowl Pick, Raising 7 Kids and Creating a Football App for Families

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Kurt Warner attends Duracell's Power Those Who Protect Us campaign launch at the FDNY Fire Zone on Jan. 31 in New York. Credit: D Dipasupil, FilmMagic

Just because he retired from the NFL a year ago, doesn't mean Kurt Warner has stopped working.

In addition to placing fifth on season 11 of "Dancing with the Stars," the former Arizona Cardinals quarterback, an NFL and Super Bowl MVP, has developed a football app and is teaming with Duracell to donate 10 million batteries to the 23,000 U.S. volunteer fire departments to help power their everyday tools and life-saving devices.

ParentDish recently caught up with Warner, who has seven children with Brenda, his wife of 13 years, while he was in New York to promote the Duracell campaign. We talked about what he's up to now, his family, and, of course, his pick for Superbowl XLV. An edited version of the interview follows.

ParentDish: What made you decide to partner with Duracell?
Kurt Warner: Any time I have an opportunity to share the platform that I have by helping the volunteer firefighters do their job of saving lives is something I will jump on board for. There is nothing better than helping these guys. I mean, 70 percent of the firefighters in the United States are volunteers and donate their time to help others.

PD: We can take a wild guess about what you'll be doing Sunday.
KW: Actually, I will be in the air flying since I have to work all week. But I should be home by the second half.

PD: You were originally drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1994.
Yes. I was signed as a free agent, so there is a little bit of history there.

PD: Does that mean you'll be rooting for them in the Super Bowl?
That is not the reason why I will be rooting for them, but, yes, I will be cheering for them. See, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat me a couple of years ago in the Super Bowl and took my ring. I am rooting for someone else to get their chance. I am friends with Aaron Rodgers and a few of the other guys on the Packers. Since they haven't won a championship, I am pulling for them to get one this year.

PD: So, who do you think will win -- the Packers or the Steelers?
I do think the Steelers are going to win because they are balanced. They have a good football team both offensively and defensively. They are explosive and they have all of the makings of being a great football team.

PD: How would you rate the match-up between the quarterbacks, Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers?
They are two different types of quarterbacks. Aaron is probably a better pocket passer, you know, the guy that can stand back there and make all of the throws. Ben is as good as anybody in terms of creating plays in big games and making the big plays to win those big games.

PD: What do you think the score will be?
I am going to say 27-24.

PD: Who will get the MVP award, an honor you proudly hold?
I am leaning towards Aaron. If not, I am leaning towards somebody from the defensive side for the Packers, like Charles Woodson.

PD: You retired from the NFL last year. Does the Super Bowl excitement make you miss the sport?
I miss the Super Bowl and the excitement it brings this time of year. I don't miss the weekly games and everything that went into it -- like the bumps and bruises you get along the way and the grueling schedule. But the big games like the champion ones, yeah.

PD: You are the proud father of seven children with your wife, Brenda. (Zachary, 21, Jesse, 19, Kade, 12, Jada, 9, Elijah 7 and 5-year-old twin girls Sierra and Sienna).
KW: Yes.

PD: How do you remember all their names and birthdays?
I may not remember other people's birthdays, but I do remember my children's (laughs).

PD: Is Super Bowl Sunday a family affair?
It has become that way, especially since my kids -- especially the boys -- are really starting to get into football.

PD: What do your kids like better, watching the game or the commercials?
My kids like the game. My 12-year-old likes the commercials, but overall my kids really love watching the game.

PD: How do you and your wife handle raising seven children and still find time to be alone?
We make time. We do a lot of different things. We'll find a babysitter and go out for a night or take a mini vacation, because, as I explain to my kids, marriage is a priority and needs to be a priority at all times.

PD: You adopted your wife's two kids from a prior relationship.
The big thing is love has no boundaries. For me, it was easy. They opened up to me, I opened up to them and it didn't take long for me to feel like they were mine. I don't look at it any other way.

PD: Do you realize you have more children than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?
I do realize that, yes (laughs).

PD: You developed a new app for the iPhone and iPad.
My first one is called Football 101, which is an instructional video for kids. Since sports are a big part of our society, especially football, I am hoping the parents will sit down with their kids and interact with one another, as well as the game. It not only helps you get closer to your children, but it also allows you to spend more time together and have fun at the same time. The other apps I am working on will help teach math and other educational tools like problem solving.

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