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What YouTube has done for piano-playing cats and bootleg concert footage is nothing short of amazing. But most parents have experienced that sinking feeling when you're watching a video with your kid, and something you'd rather them not see comes up. And when you're not supervising, you have no idea what your kid is watching.

The facts

  • Kids are supposed to be 13 to use YouTube
  • Anything -- from fabulous to icky -- can be uploaded or viewed
  • YouTube relies on community monitoring to flag iffy videos
  • Safety Mode helps filter inappropriate content
And it's not just the video content that can be iffy. Lots of the comments are, too.

Wouldn't it be great if you could simply filter out all the content that's not age-appropriate? With YouTube's SafetyMode feature, you can -- well, almost. Our video shows you how to turn on SafetyMode, and tell you what you still need to watch out for.

Families with kids under 13 should use SafetyMode, and to the extent possible, continue to supervise younger kids -- even with the filter on. We recommend SafetyMode for older kids, too -- it will give you some piece of mind that at least the iffy stuff will be limited. SafetyMode is browser-specific, so you'll need to enable it on all the browsers you use.

YouTube can be a great creative outlet for families, but kids will be kids and sometimes they'll post something you wish they hadn't. The best way to manage this is to have a conversation about what's appropriate to watch, see and post. Eventually, kids will grow out of SafetyMode, so help them develop responsible online behavior they can use their whole lives.

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