How to Play: Stations

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What you need: You need chairs, index cards and a pen.

How to play: Before the game, write down names of destination cities on the index cards -- one city to a card. Have all players sit in chairs set up in a circle. Give each player the name of a destination city. Choose one player to be the Station Master and give him the index cards with the destination cities.

The rules: At the starting signal, the Station Master will read the names of two destination cities. Those players will get up and change places. The Station Master will try to steal one of their chairs. If he is successful, he will give the destination cards to the player left standing to be the new Station Master. If he is not successful, he remains the Station Master. More than two destinations can be called out, and there is an "All Change" option where everyone must change seats.

How to win: You can keep up with who is Station Master for how long and award the winner to the Station Master with the shortest tenure in the position.

What else you need to know: This game can get a bit rough, so be sure nothing breakable is nearby.

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