Great Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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birthday party ideas

Choose a classic theme for your child's birthday party. Credit: Getty Images

While certain trends in kids' birthday party ideas come and go, there are some themes that never grow old.

Whether you enjoy being creative with decorations and invitations or you prepare to purchase everything ready-made from a party supply store, these three can't-miss ideas are easily adaptable to your own personal party-hosting style.

1. Princess Party
Invitations: Send out royal scrolls and make them as fancy and elegant as you wish. Decorations: A pink balloon archway entrance makes for a memorable first impression, and a throne for the birthday princess is an important detail. Metallic curtains in a doorway can lend a dramatic flair, and white Christmas lights can add to the magical atmosphere.
Games: Play princess-themed games such as Pin the Diamond on the Tiara or hold a musical princess walk. More games such as a royal dress-up relay and sifting for gems can be found on Coolest Kid Birthday Parties.

2. Superhero Soiree
Invitations: Want to send out homemade invitations for a superhero party? Just use the emblem and the mask of your chosen superhero. For mask invitations, use a variety of superheroes and ask guests to wear them to the party.
Decorations: You can make decorations using comic book pages, printed images from the Internet, and superhero posters. Another idea is to make action signs such as "BAM!", "POW!" and "KAZAAM!"
Games: Game ideas range from a superhero obstacle course to an X-ray vision game to costume contests to strength competitions.

3. Tropical Luau
Invitations: Cut out beach objects (palm trees, starfish, coconuts) from card stock for invitations, or you could even send the invites as messages in bottles.
Decorations: Leis, tiki lights, palm trees, hibiscuses and coconuts are good party props, and it's always good to set the mood with hula music. A bonfire in the backyard would add even more to the scene.
Games: Luau games include limbo, pineapple bowling, hula dancing contests and pin the coconut on the palm tree. Birthday Party Ideas has instructions for these games, along with other Hawaiian-themed games and activities.

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