Girl Mistakenly Gets Naughty Candy Heart

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naughty candy heart

Valentine's Day is the time when you can tell someone how you really feel. And "Nice Tits!" Credit: KCRA

Basking in Valentine's Day spirit, 12-year-old Ciara Bush was nibbling on a seasonal favorite, those sugary little conversation heart candies. You know, the ones that taste terrible but are fun to read and swap with your friends.

"I Love You" and "XOXO" heart candies were among the expected messages, but she wasn't expecting anything racier than that. And then she came to a heart with this message: "NICE TITS!"

Instead of chowing down on the naughty heart, Ciara brought it home to show her mom and dad. Appalled by the crass language, Ciara's dad, Derrick Deanda, reached out to the candy maker to investigate the case, KCRA 3 reports. Deanda does not intend to sue the company, but he wants to warn other parents what their kids might be, ahem, exposed to.

The manufacturer produces batches of racier phrases for adult consumers, so it is likely that the vulgar heart was accidently dropped into the wrong package -- like if a peanut M&M were to get mixed into a bag of plain M&M's. Unlike a peanut candy, though, a "NICE TITS!" conversation heart will not cause allergic reactions. Just a little red-faced embarrassment.

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