Music Review: 'Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)' by Enrique Iglesias

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Rated IFFY for Ages 14–15

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that "Tonight (I'm Loving You)" is the clean version of a more explicit tune titled "Tonight (I'm F--kin' You)." The title is the only difference between the two versions, with both featuring the same lyrics that are extremely suggestive -- yet not outright descriptive -- about sex. That said, parents of tweens might want to look for more age-appropriate dance tunes.

What to watch out for

Messages: This song's message about a night of passion isn't exactly negative, but it's too mature for young ears.

Role models: Not the best example for kids, as the song is about a one-night stand.

Violence: Not an issue.

Sex: While there are no outright specifics in this song, its lyrics are heavily suggestive: "I know you want me ... So put it on me, let's remove the space between me and you / Now rock your body, damn I like the way that you move / So give it to me, 'cause I already know what you wanna do."

Language: "Ass" and "damn" in both versions; "f--k" in explicit version.

Consumerism: Not an issue.

Drinking, drugs, & smoking: Not an issue.

What's the Story?

"Tonight (I'm Loving' You)" is one of two versions of the same single by Enrique Iglesias -- the other exchanges the word "lovin'" with "f--kin'" in the title. Otherwise, the two songs share the same lyrics, which are steamy enough to completely fog up any window, yet aren't outright graphic. Sample lyrics include: "When I get you on the springs Imma make you fall / You got that body that make me wanna get on the boat just to see you dance / And I love the way you shake that ass, turn around and let me see them pants." This ode to a one-night stand may be OK for older teens but is just out of range for younger ears.

Is It Any Good?

Iglesias isn't the best part of his own song; the guest rap by Ludacris and slick beats (compliments of DJ Frank E) are what get your feet moving. They help to overshadow Iglesias' somewhat cheesy "ooh-oohing," making this song more than just another so-so entry on the dance scene.

Reviewed by Stephanie Bruzzese

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