Try This: How Do You Keep Your Kids Away From the Wrong Crowd?

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You can only make your child's play dates for so long until the time comes when they become their own social coordinators. It's out of your hands and you hope that they choose to play with the nice kids on the playground.

But, if you do find that you don't exactly approve of your kid's friends, our resident AdviceMama lends a hand:

"Stop criticizing her friendships, which she could easily take as an unfavorable judgment about her, since she's chosen them," she advises.

Instead, look for ways to connect with her friends because if they feel comfortable with you, you can positively influence them as well. After all, your teen does value your guidance but will not respond well to being told how to think or what to feel.

How do you get your kids to hang with the right crowd?

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AdviceMama Says:
Start by teaching him that it is safe to do so.