Car Surfing: Dangerous, Deadly ... and Popular Among Teens

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Teens in Florida are catching on to the "car surfing" trend -- a dangerous game where one teen drives and another climbs on top of the car trying to keep their balance while the vehicle is in motion. Some daredevils even climb on top of their own cars, leaving the driver's seat empty.

The risk is obvious, but these fearless teens seem to find themselves invincible. Numerous videos have surfaced on the Internet of car surfing adventures and many capture the inevitable accidents that occur.

Parents of a teen who was killed car surfing appeared on "The Today Show" this morning and admit that the tragic accident has ruined their lives. The driver was only sentenced to four years in prison for vehicular manslaughter.

Now police are arresting anyone who is caught car surfing. If the consequence of death isn't enough to scare teens out of car surfing, maybe the possible jail time will be.

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