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POW! MAC's new Wonder Woman collection will bring out your inner superhero. Credit: MAC

Sometimes, when you're juggling work and kids, facing a sink full of dishes and up against a mountain of bills, it's hard not to wish for a little help from a superhero.

Now, we realize MAC makeup's new Wonder Woman collaboration won't make most challenges any easier, but if it gives our looks -- and therefore our mood -- a nice boost, we say bring on the beauty fix!

Fighting outdated colors and evil skin tones, MAC's new line of Wonder Woman-themed products save the day. From lipsticks and eyeliners to nail polish and blush, these bright designs will help bring out the wonderful woman inside you. Now, if could just get a line on those bracelets of hers.

MAC Wonder Woman is available Feb. 10 through mid April at Prices range from $14 to $40 for makeup, $30 to $49.50 for accessories.

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