Sixth Grader Creates Accurate Snow Day Predictor

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snow day predictor

David Sukhin has bever been wrong when predicting when his school would get a snow day. Credit: Associated Press

On the next snowy day, don't wait for the official announcement to find out if your child's school will be closed. Just visit the Snow Day Calculator, which was created by David Sukhin when he was in sixth grade.

Yes, sixth grade. David, who lives in New Jersey and is now 16 and in the 11th grade, according to Boston's (via Huffington Post), checks the site every time it snows and it has never once been wrong about his own school being closed.

Not. Once. Know any TV weather folks who can say the same?

So how does it work? Users enter various bits of data, which is then compared with information from the National Weather Service.

An interesting twist is that users don't just enter quantitative data such as ZIP code and number of snow days so far this year. They are also asked about the "Leniency of Administration" (Easy, Okay or Harsh), whether or not there is a special event happening that day, and even a 0-3 "Hype" rating, where zero is "No One is Talking About the Storm" and three is "Administration Is Talking About It Too!"

Sukhin won't reveal exactly how his site works, but he tells WBUR via email, "The calculator digests hour by hour information from and extracts what time the storm will start, the time it will end, the probability of precipitation and the average strength (inches per hour) of the storm. Using that information it calculates the amount of inches expected to give a raw prediction."

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