How to play: Hot Valentine

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What you need: You need a small ball.

How to play: Have players sit in a circle with their legs crossed. Choose one player to be the leader, and she will be in the middle of the circle holding the small ball, which is the "hot valentine."

The rules: To start the game, the leader chooses a player to throw the "hot valentine" to and then closes her eyes after throwing it. Players will toss the "hot valentine" around the circle until the leader calls out "Hot valentine!" Whoever has the ball is out and must join the leader in the middle of the circle to take over the leader's duties. Play continues until only one player remains.

The winner: The last person remaining without holding the "hot valentine" is the winner.

What else you need to know: You can use any object to be the "hot valentine" if you don't have a small ball handy.

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