Try This: How Do You Deal With Nightmares and Monsters Under the Bed?

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For some kids, sleep is a peaceful time to snuggle up with a good stuffed animal. For others, sleep is a time when the monsters come out from under the bed. Scary nightmares seem real and can be traumatizing to kids.

These New York moms share some tips on how to comfort kids after nightmares. One creative mom suggests squirting "monster spray" under the bed to kill the creepy imaginary creatures.

The experts at KidsHealth recommend a few practices to prevent nightmares:

1. Develop a routine. Put your kids to bed at the same time every night and try to limit naps during the day.
2. Sleep with a favorite stuffed animal.
3. Use a nightlight so that if they wake up afraid, they will immediately see familiar things.
4. Keep your door open so they know you are close by and accessible.

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