Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Kids?

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valentine's day

Are you getting your love on? Credit: Corbis

In theory, Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday. One to be spent with significant others. Husband and wife, life partner, boyfriends, girlfriends, you know what we mean.

But what about your children? An article on suggests that "there are many ways to create a [Valentine's Day] family tradition." And the folks at Common Sense Media offered ParentDish their very own list of Sweet Ideas for Valentine's Day.

Depending on how old your children are, they are either giving everyone in their class a little card, or agonizing over which boy/girl will express an age-appropriate romantic interest in them. (Or maybe they are anxiously awaiting a text message from an NFL quarterback. Allegedly.) So I always thought that V-Day was more about couples than family. (For the record, we did give the kids some chocolate. We're not heartless.)

But maybe I'm wrong. Is February 14th a family holiday as well? Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids?

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