How to Play: Killer Frog

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Catch the killer! Credit: Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

What you need: All you need for this game are players.

How to play: Have all players sit in a circle. Choose one player to be the detective. The detective must leave the room so that he cannot see or hear what is going on in the circle.

The rules: Everyone sitting in the circle must close their eyes. An adult walks around the circle and taps a player on the shoulder. This player will be the killer frog. No one should know his identity. Ask the detective to come back in the room. The killer frog sticks out his tongue at random people in the circle, trying not to let the detective see him because the detective is trying to figure out who the killer frog is. When the killer frog sticks his tongue out at a certain player, that player must lie down on the ground. The detective gets three guesses as to whom the killer frog may be.

How to win: If the detective correctly guesses the identity of the killer frog, he is the winner. If he doesn't correctly guess, the killer frog is the winner.

What else you need to know: You can play this game in rounds. Keep up with the winners of each round, and give a grand prize to the person who wins the most times.

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