Do You Want to Know What Justin Bieber Thinks About Abortion?

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Justin Bieber abortion

Justin Bieber attends the "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" premiere in London. Credit: Jon Furniss, WireImage

Justin Bieber is speaking out. The massively popular teen idol offered his opinion about several topics in a Rolling Stone interview, including paparazzi (he hates them), health care (it's better in Canada, where Bieber is from) and abortion, which he is 100 percent against, even in cases of rape, according a report in the Daily News.

Up until now, as far as I know, Bieber has been a relatively controversy-free performer. His movie is a hit, his image is squeaky-clean, and his popularity is soaring. But apparently he has opinions, and now we know some of them.

Do his views have any effect on what you think of his music, or whether you want your kids to listen to it? Do you want to know what Bieber thinks about abortion and other controversial topics?

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