Robot Allows Sick Boy to Attend School

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For the past year, 15-year-old Lyndon Baty has been forced to stay inside because his immune system is so weak that even the smallest germ could kill him. The teen received a kidney transplant when he was 7 because of his rare disorder, polycystic kidney disease. But, in 2010, "his body started to attack the transplanted kidney, then his immune system was supressed to stem rejection of the organ," the TODAY show reports.

Lyndon began homeschooling and says he had no other social interaction besides his parents. That is, until a life-sized robot called "the Baty Bot" came into the picture. The robot is equipped with a video screen and speakers so that Lyndon can participate in class and socialize with his peers. The Baty Bot sits in class while Lyndon receives the bot's signals on his laptop.

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