Boom Boom! Cards Family Deck

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Families join together to do good for others with this feel-good game. Credit: Boom Boom! Revolution

The Boom Boom! Cards Family Deck is a wonderful way to teach your kids about the power of performing good deeds for others.

Each of the 26 Boom Boom! cards contains a simple, yet powerful, act of kindness that family members can perform to help others and make the world a better place -- like leaving a thank-you note for your mail carrier or doing something for someone that they've been putting off.

When a card is completed, family members get to put a sticker on the included Command Central Activity Board to show that it's done, then share the story of what happened on the Boom Boom! website -- and even include photos or video.

After that, you pass the card on for another family to do. Each card has a unique ID that allows families to track it on the website's map and see where they end up.

Finally, discussion cards are included with the kit to help inspire family conversations about each beneficent experience.

With the Boom Boom! Family Deck, you don't just pay it forward, you actually play it forward.

Available at Boom Boom! Cards for $14.99


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