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At Toy Fair in New York, we got a sneak peek at all the hottest new toys that kids (and, OK, adults) will go crazy for in 2011. Here are some of our favorites.

parrot drone

Courtesy of Parrot


This remote-controlled quadricopter can be operated from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. With separate models designed for inside and outside use, the AR.Drone includes a front and vertical camera, an ultrasound altimeter and can be used in video games, such as AR.FlyingAce, a dogfight between two AR.Drones.

Available now at Brookstone for $299.99.

Courtesy of Razor

Razor eSpark

An electric-powered scooter, the eSpark features a Spark Bar from which real sparks fly, speeds up to 10 miles per hour, 40 minutes of continuous electric-powered use, rechargeable battery, twist-grip acceleration and two replaceable spark cartridges. The Razor eSpark is recommended for riders ages 8 and up.

Available spring 2011 for $179.99.

skylander picture

Courtesy of Activision

Skylander Spyro's Adventures

Skylander lets players take real-world toys and transport them into virtual worlds through the "Portal of Power." This innovative toy can be connected to several gaming systems, handheld devices, mobile devices and on the Web. Not only does each character have its own unique powers, but friends can play together by either teaming up or facing off against each other.

Available fall 2011.

vamplet picture

Courtesy of Vamplets


The vampire craze isn't getting old, it's actually quite young. Vamplets are plus "vampire babies," and once you adopt one of the six Vamplets, you can log onto the website and register your new Vamplet. After registering, customize their coffin and tombstone. Accessories, such as buttons and disappearing bottles of blood, are also available.

Available now for $16.95.

Courtesy of Zike


Inspired by his desire to combat childhood obesity, Zike founder Nate Scolari created this hybrid scooter with two separate foot pedals to allow for faster speeds while increasing balance and coordination skills. This spring, Zike will launch four scooter models: the Hotshot, the Flyby, the Slingshot and the Saber -- each designed for age groups ranging from age 5 to 8 to ages 12 and up (that means you, too, parents).

Available spring 2011 for $189-$399.

Courtesy of Mattel

Barbie Hairtastic Printables

Customize and personalize your Barbie's hair with printable hair extensions. Start online by designing your own extensions (or select the Barbie iconography), then print, wear and share! The Hairtastic Printables come with a Barbie doll and sheets of printable hair extensions for unique looks for both Barbie and kids.

Available fall 2011 for $29.99.

lego toy picture

Courtesy of Lego

Ninjago by Lego

This line of Legos featuring spinners, models and training cards lets your little warrior spin his way to becoming a Spinjitzu master! By logging onto the Ninjago website, your child can explore the world of Ninjago, play the online game and follow along with his or her own real-live spinners. Don't worry, you can buy all the weapons your child needs too to be victorious.

Available now at for $9.99-$49.99.

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