Do You Talk to Your Kids About Smoking Cigarettes?

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Even "Smoking Baby" Ardi Rizal has kicked the habit. Credit: Ahamd Naafi, AFP/Getty Images

In Kentucky, there's a smokers' quit line that specifically targets teenagers. One teen told WSAZ News Channel 3 that he had been smoking since the age of 5.

While that is an extreme case (at least I hope it is), local Health Department official Holly West says that the overall smoking rate has decreased in Kentucky, it has gone up for teenagers.

I used to smoke, and I quit many years ago. I don't know a lot of smokers, but obviously there are still millions of folks who light up every day. I see a lot of articles about how to talk to your kids about sex, and the importance of talking to your children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. But maybe we should put cigarettes in the same category.

Do you talk to your kids about smoking cigarettes?

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