Try This: What Are Your Best Tips for Dealing With Picky Eaters?

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It is important to feed your kids healthy foods, but when it comes to meal time, that's not an easy task. Trying to get them to eat veggies when they know there's ice cream in the fridge can be quite the struggle.

And, if your kid is a really picky eater, it might even seem impossible.

These moms share their secrets on dealing with their picky eaters. Sneaking it in some way or another is at the top of the list; "I distract her by putting on one of her favorite shows and kind of sneak in spoonfuls at the corner of her mouth," one mom says.

Another suggests a reward system: If her kids eat all of their veggies three nights of the week, they can pick the menu on the other nights.

Our resident AdviceMama takes a creative spin on tackling the picky eater problem. Presentation is everything," she says, "and kids are masters of creativity, so let them have fun helping you lay out the snacks in an interesting way. They might decorate a dish of yogurt by making a funny face with raisins, or arrange the chips in a special way around the guacamole. It doesn't take much time to make food look appealing, and it makes children much more interested in eating something when they've been responsible for serving it up in a 'fancy' way!"

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