Should Gay Parents Have the Same Rights as Other Parents?

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A case in Australia brings up an interesting question: Should gay parents have the same rights as other parents?

According an article in the Herald Sun, a family court judge ruled that a 41-year-old mother could not move her 4-year-old daughter too far away from her other mother, despite the fact that mom #2 was not listed on the birth certificate.

While the laws are likely different in the United States than they are in Australia, the question is still an interesting one. When a child is being raised by someone other than their biological parents, who gets to make major decisions? The specifics can quickly become extremely complicated, and ultimately the goal is to do whatever is in the child's best interest, no matter if there are two moms, two dads or any other combination.

What do you think? Should same-sex parents have the same rights as heterosexual parents?

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